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and there is a little bit of fog lingering and also on the nimitz between 235 it's clearer. some of that fog is really tough but for most today, sunny and warmer especially away from the coast. coming up on mornings on 2, a murder and a game of dice, what we now know about the victim. stay with us.
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>> reporter: we're live in san leandro where an elementary school is closed due to a homicide investigation. we'll tell you how friends say a teenager was shot and killed. an olympic bombshell. the world-class athlete now facing murder charges. the misery's almost over for those passengers stranded on a crippled cruise ship. how carney viewses is now doing damage control. >> reporter: we're live at the san francisco flower mart this morning. yes, it's valentine's day, one of the busiest days of the year for the flower industry. we will tell you how much people are expected to spend.
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ktvu "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, february 14th. we begin with a homicide investigation that has shut down a san leandro school. the deadly shooting happened last night on the campus of hillside elementary. it appears to be tied to a dice game. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us with what she's learned about the shooting and the young victim. >> reporter: good morning. we've just learned that the elementary school will be closed today due to this homicide investigation. hillside elementary school is the name of the school here off of marcella street. we noticed crime scene technicians in the back of the school, in a grassy area, field- type-of thing, still collecting evidence. investigators say they found the victim's body in a grassy area. the gunfire erupted around 9:00
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last night. friends of travion foster say he was playing a dice game for money at the school when someone shot him in the back. friends say he's 19. the coroner says he's 18. he lives in the neighborhood. he was transported to the hospital but later day. witnesses say several people were running away from the scene. alameda county sheriffs searched by helicopter. but so far they've not found any suspects. >> investigators have been here all night. the school is closed for the day. we'll do another search when it gets light and the school will probably open tomorrow. >> reporter: we have youtube video we would like to show you, highlights of foster's senior here in oakland. he went to san lorenzo high, friends say for a couple of years. he was currently attending laney college where he played football. coming up later, you will hear from foster's friends and why they are so completely
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devastated over the loss of their friend. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. earlier this morning, power was restored to people on treasure island. the outage was first reported around 2:30 and affected the entire island. the san francisco public utilities commission says the cause of the outage is unknown. a san francisco man is facing charges after police say he tried to sell stolen copper wire. the "examiner" reports an employee at a recycling center called police tuesday morning after a man showed up with a manhole cover that had the city's stamp on it. police arrested 44-year-old robert chapel later that day at another recycling center which had been warned he might show up. during a search of the van, police found 600 pounds of stolen copper wire and tools used by metal thieves. investigators in santa clara county are out there
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searching for a man and a woman accused of trying to lure an 11- year-old boy in their car. police say it happened yesterday morning, right in front of the boy's home on rucker avenue in unincorporated gilroy. authorities say the boy was taking out the trash when someone in a parked car called him over. the boy scott scared and ran nook into his house. police describe the man as hispanic. in his 30s. he has an average build, was wearing a baseball cap. the woman, hispanic in her 20s with very long dark hair and was in dark clothing. their car is described as a tan compact car, similar to a mini cooper. yes, it's valentine's day. very few businesses probably enjoy the day more than flower shops. claudine wong is live at the flower shop which is preparing for a busy day. i'm sure it smells wonderful in there. >> reporter: it does.
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the folks coming in are florists, trying to make up for the last-minute folks coming in. we know most of them coming in will be guys. at 10:00, this place opens at the public. if you are thinking i need some of those, you can get them. you will pay a premium as people are working around the clock getting ready for the day. joined now by the san francisco general manager of the flower mart. you guys start early in terms of getting everything ready for the day. i've seen a lot of vans getting loaded up. >> we've been going on for about the last week and getting the flowers out to the commercial trade. they set up to get all of the arrangements out and organized. it's been going on all weekend. it's been a long road. >> everyone's exhausted. >> reporter: there's no way to prevent the last-minute folks from coming in here who are desperate. >> no. that's what we see today. of course, the -- we have the
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trade coming in late and later on, the public will be here later on. >> reporter: let's go through. you have about 50 vendors and tell me how this works in terms of how much traffic you see from just your everyday folks. >> in terms of -- what we do, we're bringing in 1500 people a day in terms of the commercial buyer that comes in here on a daily basis. after 10:00, we open to the general public. today we expect to have a crowd outside. >> reporter: a little crowd of desperate guys going i know, i know, i know. thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: the locally grown flowers are grown in petaluma. so they say it's nice to buy local. average person today, $130 they will spend. 224 roses grown for -- 224 million roses grown just for valentine's day and another fact, how many people, guys, i
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don't know if you can answer this one, expect to get a proposal or be proposed to today. that's the fun-fact question. i have the answer. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. claudine? >> reporter: 6 million. >> wow. >> reporter: i wonder how many yeses. let's hope for 6 million yeses. >> all right, thank you, claudine wong live for us in san francisco at the flower mart, a lovely place to be on valentine's day. the president of the u.s. chamber of commerce is urging congress to raise the federal gasoline tax to pay for rebuilding roads and bridges across the country. chamber of commerce president tom donahue made the suggestion at a house hearing on how to fund the construction of new roads and businesses. in his state of the union speech, president obama proposed 50 billion in new spending on infrastructure projects. but few lawmakers support the
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idea of increasing the gas tax. i just got a funny thought. i don't think many drivers would like that. >> no. 7:07. by the way, happy valentine's day. >> you, too. >> that leads us right to sal. you know what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: we look pretty good. the traffic is moderately avenue in some areas. let's take a look at what we have now with the bay bridge. a little bit of fog. steve and i have been talking about the fog all morning long. it looks like it's a little bit foggier than it was a minute ago. backed up for about a 20-minute delay. also this morning, we're looking at the commute here. if you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound, that traffic looks good. driving to the peninsula, we have a traffic time of eight minutes to 92. 280 looks good as you drive through. let's go back to steve. all right. some of that fog, blanket of
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it, clear. some areas are clear. it's up here and has been coming down. high pressure is building in and absolutely putting its stamp on it. very warm air, not too high up aloft and then fog on the surface. some of -- it will burn off soon he. but it's there. high pressure means another dry week, there are signs next week, tuesday, wednesday. it's gonna get colder. maybe some rain. there are signs of a change. but today and tomorrow after the fog, it will be warmer. especially inland, temperatures pushing a few upper 60s. san francisco going 60. 68 san francisco, 67 can cord. san jose, 67. coming up a little bit each day. i just looked. near antioch, i've seen anywhere from 42 to 50. there is a breeze at that location. around pittsburg, i saw 42. 40s for many. 30s. some fog on the coast. even san jose at 41. but i mean you can see how everything is just not visiting the west coast. maybe next week but not until probably tuesday or wednesday
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of next week. until then, it's -- we can't even find a cloud unless it's in the form of a cloud. once it burns off, it's warmer. near 70 for some. even that as well. fog, sun, warmer. dense fog, hazy skies. st. helena, calistoga, kentfield, 67. 64 vallejo. benicia, crockett. fairfield, 67. same for antioch, brentwood. livermore, 68. walnut creek, 64 berkeley, 65 san leandro. without that offshore breeze, the coast is cooler. gilroy, san jose, 67. upper 50s half moon bay, pacifica. i think friday looks to be identical. maybe even slightly warmer. then we have a pretty good weekend on tap for you. >> 7:10. police in hayward investigating a fatal accident involving a
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pedestrian and a car last night. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk while going across industrial boulevard near bombburg avenue around 7:00 last night. the car ran into him. the pedestrian was declared dead at the scene. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating. so far police don't think alcohol or drugs are a factor in that incident. 7:11. showdown in the senate. why a vote on chuck hagel for defense secretary could come tomorrow and how many republican votes are needed. growing concerns about students bringing weapons to a high school on the peninsula. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon
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if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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still some areas of fog around. mostly sunny. it will be sunny for everybody today. some pockets of that fog are already burning off. rather windy in the east bay
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hills. overall, sunny and warm today. 7:13. senate democrats are pushing a through a vote on president obama's nominee for secretary of defense. the confirmation vote for chuck hagel, now expected tomorrow. now, harry reid filed a motion to limit debate and force a vote. even though hagel is a former republican senator, it's his fellow republicans who have been strongly opposing his nomination. now, democrats hold 55 seats in the senate. but they need five republican votes to move ahead with hagel's confirmation. this morning, former secretary of state, hillary clinton is being honored at the pentagon. we're watching the pentagon this morning. defense secretary leon panetta will be hosting the event on his last day in office. hillary clinton is being honored for her four years as secretary of state during which she traveled more than 1 million miles and visited 1 -- 112 countries. in just hours, the national rifle association will directly
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respond to president obama's state of the union address. the nra rejects the president's gun control proposal. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, this is all happening as the california congresswoman joins other moms against gun violence today. >> reporter: jackie speier is joining with group moms rising which has more than 1 million members online. speier and members from that group will deliver a petition with 150,000 signatures to lawmakers. that's asking the nra to back off and urging company to boat on the proposals. the nra's vice president and ceo wayne la pierre will directly respond to the president's state of the union address later today in wake of the -- today. in wake of the shooting, the nra is calling for security at schools. not a ban. congressional leaders from both parties are willing to take a vote on the president's proposal but that doesn't mean
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the nra will stop fighting. >> the president is trying to use a motion to force things through before they've been rationally debated. >> reporter: the nra released another ad this week. they used statistics from the association saying an assault weapons ban would not be effective. we'll take a look at that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff deputies in humboldt recovered more than 100 weapons hidden in a cave on a man's property. they found more than 100 pounds of marijuana, body armor and stolen jewelry. investigators say they searched the land because the owner was arrested earlier this month on a probation violation. they say the weapons and drugs were likely destined for the black market. today, alameda county supervisors will consider the controversial plan to have drones flying over the county.
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sheriff gregory ahearn will make his pitch to the board during a hearing this afternoon. the sheriff wants to use these unmanned aircraft for major law enforcement operations like bomb threats, hostage standoffs and search and rescue operations. but critics are already fighting the sheriff's plan citing privacy concerns. 7:17. some people in the sacramento area hoping to sign up for a newspaper subscription. they got a big sewer price. they thought -- big surprise. they thought they were calling "the bee" but they ended up calling an x-rated chat line. the newspaper sent out letters advertising the subscription but there was a typo in the phone number and that made a big, big difference. >> it ticked me off. >> explain why? >> i have a teenaged son? how many times did you call -- i have a teenaged son. >> how many times did you call -- >> about five times.
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>> "the bee" has destroyed the remaining infective mailers. the city wants to upgrade its emergency radio communication system but they still need $50 million. right now, the radio system is not compatible from first responders -- for first responders from other cities and other states. palo alto police are worried about an increase in the number of students bringing weapons to school. two studentsal palo alto -- students at palo alto high school have been arrested for bringing a gun to school. one tried to use a stun gun during an off-campus marijuana deal. another student was arrested on monday after officials found a homemade cork gun in his backpack. santa cruz police are investigating whether a robbery at a grocery store is kented to the shooting of a uc santa cruz
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student. two men wearing bandanas robbed the food bin at the natural stores last night. one carried a rifle. the other had a knife. they stole cash and kicked a woman in the face. the person who shot the student also covered his face with a bandana. he robbed the student and shot her in the head on monday night. however, the victim is expected to make a full recovery. 7:19. the head of the hanna boys' center has resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct with a boy dating back to the 1970s. father john santa cruz haz been the executive director of the sonoma valley facility for troubled youth since 1983. his resignation reportedly stems from a complaint brought by relatives of the alleged victim who died years ago. the reported incident happened years before father santa cruz took over as the head of the center in sonoma county. his abrupt departure was announced to staff and students yesterday.
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7:19. it's a little foggy out there in some part, of the bay area. it's another -- is another day filled with sunshine on the way? your valentine's day forecast is next. and lady gaga canceled the rest of her tour. she says she can't walk. if you are driving on westbound 24. a little bit of slow traffic here in la fayette between walnut creek and oakland. we'll tell you more about the morning commute -- straight ahead.
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♪ a marin county man and his two grandmothers have become internet sensations. this is video of 22-year-old frank row and his two grandmas doing the harlem shake. in just three day, the video has been viewed almost 1.5 million times. lady gaga has canceled the rest of her tour because she needs surgery and says she can't walk. she needs surgery for a tear in
7:25 am
her hip and has been in pain for sometime. fans who have tickets for the 21 remaining days on the tour will get a refund. she performed at the hp pavilion last month. a plan for fleet of electric taxis and four battery operated stations is in limbo. san francisco's municipal transit agency and "better place" received a federal grant to start the electric taxi network. well, now better place is scaling down its california business plan to focus instead on israel and denmark. an mtc spokesman said the grant was to help determine if that idea was feasible. apparently, it was not. >> 7:23. sal, what's going on in the south bay? >> we're shing more traffic there. let's start with 237 trying to get into santa clara and san jose. you are seeing a little bit of slow traffic. you see a little bit of fog
7:26 am
there. it seems to be getting better viabilityweiss. we haven't had a lot of fog on -- visibilitywise. we haven't had a lot of fog. contra costa county not that bad, we have slow traffic in antioch and bay point. 680 is slow after the 24 interchange and then 80 is moderately heavy from pinole to richmond. if you are driving through, you can see a little bit of slow traffic there. and hayward to fremont, slowing from 880 to 238. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. either clear or foggy. temperatures will warm up. any rain in sight? yes, tuesday and wednesday. some of the fog -- some areas on the coast, a nice tweet in pacifica, already clear. i know there's been pockets of fog, on half moon bay, 92.
7:27 am
it's moving around and is definitely thick. the oakland airport is 41. san rafael is 43. i saw kentfield in there as well. fairfield, 37. livermore, concord, all in the 30s. but i tell ya, except for fog we can't find a fog. dense fog, hazy skies, windy east bay hills. saw gusts up to 50 at mount mt. diablo. gilroy, santa cruz. tomorrow will be warmer. it looks pretty good for saturday. a little cooler on sunday. we'll continue that into monday. tori and dave? >> all right. a story everybody is talking about. an olympic star accused of killing his girlfriend. a popular fashion model. the ominous words she posted on the internet just before valentine's day. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a high school football player was stabbed to death. we'll tell you what police are saying this morning and you will also hear from those who knew him. and we're live in santa
7:28 am
clara where investigators continue to take a look at this home that's believed to have explosives in it. we'll tell you about the homeowner's connection to a major tech company here in the bay area as "mornings on 2" continues.
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people are waking up to hear the shocking news of an olympic hero arrested for
7:31 am
murder. pam cook is in the newsroom with what we're learning about the case against oscar pistorius. pam? all right. we're not hearing pam's mic for some reason. i think we will be able to get in touch with her in just a moment to hear more about the situation with the south african athlete who was been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. we'll have more on that story in a minute. >> we'll get back to pam in a moment. we're also finding out more information about the fatal stabbing of a high school football player, a star in the area, in san jose. ktvu's janine de la vega on the air with us now to tell us how this teenager reportedly was trying to turn his life around. janine? >> reporter: dave, grief counselors will be on the campus of san jose high school today for anybody who wants to talk about this student. friends identify him as anthony santa cruz. e was a junior here.
7:32 am
he -- he was a junior here. you can see behind me, there will be heightened security. there is a school resource officer in the black. we're told there will be more of them just in case because the stabbing happened near the school. last night, the football team gathered and held a vigil for the victim. the head coach says that he was 16 or 17 years old and also had a 2-year-old son. the players lit candles and played they were very emotional crying for their sudden loss. police say it appears there was some sort of fight at about 3:15 yesterday afternoon when school let out and a short time later, they caught the teen stabbed and he died at the scene. grief-stricken family members arrived a short time later. those who knew him say anthony had some gang ties he was trying to break but then he decided to join the football team. he talked about -- >> he talked about things that happened in the past.
7:33 am
he said, coach i'm trying to get away from that. i know some things around in our area is a little hard for our kids to pull themselves out of certain situations. sometimes they may drift in and out of situations. >> reporter: homicide detectives worked into the night gathering evidence. officers have interviewed more than a dozen witnesses but they are still trying to piece this case together and they are looking into the possibility it was gang-receipt laid-- gang- relate. we've seen several students this morning who say they are completely shocked about what's happened. coming up -- we're hoping to speak to some parents and student the who may have known an -- students who may have known anthony and we're hope to bring that to you in the next hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, bomb experts will return to a south bay home filled with mysterious
7:34 am
chemicals -- chemicals and brian flores is at the house right now. >> reporter: the latest that we're hearing is the bomb squad techs are expected to arrive here at this home sometime around 8:00, about a half-hour from now. we're expected to get an update between the 7:00 and 8:00 hour today. but investigators have been here for several days. they will continue to be here until they feel that any traces of this explosive chemical that were allegedly found at his home were handled safely. now, state and county bomb squad members spent yesterday our, the home of -- scouring the home of everette basham for chemicals. they came across a mysterious substance. it was destroyed on the front lawn of the home yesterday. authorities are not taking any chances as they continue to search the home throughout the night and today. basham was arrested on tuesday in sunnyvale after authorities
7:35 am
were led to a tip of a threat to leland yee. basham used to work for several companies, many tech related. he worked with apple as well. he had five patents to his name. many for radio-frequency devices that he specialized in. when they arrested him, they found a handgun in his car. he's currently being held in jail without bail. some time of bomb truck is expected to arrive here sometime around 8:00 this morning and they are expected to detonate some type of device this morning as well. as soon as we find out more information, we'll pass that along. we're live here in santa clara, yale brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, after several days stuck at sea, carnival's cruise ship cry up of is set to dock in alabama later -- cruise ship is set to dock in alabama later.
7:36 am
they reportedly ran into rough waters overnight, causing the boat to sway overnight and delaying the arrival to land. it's just the latest troubles for them after losing power to a engine room fire. more than 4,000 passengers are on board with only a few working toilets and little food. family members say they have received phone calls describing the nightmarish conditions. >> the bottom deck, blocked off. just unimaginable. >> feel helpless. there's nothing we can do. she's out of medication. my stepdad is out of medication, my grandmother is out of medication. >> carnival has arranged to bus passengers to hotels and fly them home for free along with offering a full refudd. coming up at 7:45, we'll go live to mobile, alabama where families are gathering to welcome loved ones. overnight we found out that
7:37 am
an elementary school will shut down. crest moore elementary. that campus a half-mile site away from the 2010 pg&e pipeline explosion. some of the parents say it's a mistake to further disrupt a community still trying to rebuild. >> i still remember that night. >> at first the board considering transferring all students to rollingwood elementary but it agreed to a compromise giving parents more options where to send their kids next fall. the menlo park city school district is trying to figure out how to make room for the increasing number of students enrolling in its schools. one option, opening a new school at the former o'conner school campus on elliott drive. that building is leased by a private german american school. 7:35. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening. are things still happening in the south bay? >> they are.
7:38 am
we're looking at more freeways. 280 northbound, for example, we have slow traffic coming through. 101, all of a sudden, it's very slow here. as we continue looking at the commute, 85 is not all that bad, considering the way things go. as i look at the list here, southbound 17 at identify dill wild -- idyllwild, chp is reporting a stall there. the toll plaza, we have a backup and the fog, you can notice it's dense here. it's backed up for a 25 to 30- minute delay at the toll plaza. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, southbound traffic between hayward and union city. that's about a 25-minute delay. as we look over to contra costa county, 680 southbound, now slowing just of a 242 down to alamo. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you can see a blanket of fog. it will be sunny. there's not a cloud for about a thousand miles except for the
7:39 am
fog. out towards crockett and also vallejo but not richmond parkway, 7:00. some patchy fog. there's plenty to go around. otherwise once it burns off, it will be good. the fog can be thick. clear skies for some. very foggy for others. i think we'll see a little bit of that pattern into tomorrow. another dry, dry week next week, maybe. next tuesday/wednesday. very cold system dropping in. thatters's signs one forecast model is kind of hinting at some rain for next weekend. we'll see how that makes it. the way things have been going, i would lean on dry. today won't be the day nor will it be tomorrow. tougher by the coast. weight lost the offshore breeze. so only 58. 60 today. there will be a couple of locations near 70. 30s and 40s. some of that cold air, 30s,
7:40 am
just depends. you get a little breeze. some of the higher elevations i've seen 17 to 50-mile-an-hour winds. at the surfeits very, very calm at mt. diablo. everything is up in the pacific northwest and dives in the northern plains. that's the way it will stay until the middle of next week. patchy, hazy skies. st. helena, a callie so so ga -- calistoga, concord, pleasanthill, 60s. 63 alameda berkeley. 64 a little bit cooler. more of a summertime pattern. san jose, palo alto, 68. but 59 daly city. san bruno, brisbane, 62. not much change on friday. saturday should be pretty nice. sunday looks cooler. mostly sunny we'll continue that into monday, tori. 7:38. they were two of the last
7:41 am
people to see fugitive christopher dorner. a couple apparently held hostage by the murder suspect opens up about their terrifying ordeal. and the reason leon panetta will not forget his time in washington, d.c., when he returns to his farm in monterey.
7:42 am
7:43 am
it is 7:4 is. there's -- 7:41. there's new information about the murder case of the olympic star miss. he hid his face from news cameras as police drove him away from his house. this is a double amputee runner who gained fame at last year's london games. south african police were called to his home overnight.
7:44 am
they found the body of his girlfriend, 29-year-old model reeva steenkamp. she was shot four times. south african media says the story mistook her for -- says miss mistook her for an intruder. >> there's been incidents at the home. >> she just indicated there have been previous domestic violence incidents at the home. there are witnesses to the shooting. a court hearing has been rescheduled for tomorrow to give more time for forensic examiners. stay with ktvu for updates on this developing story throughout the morning. stocks are falling as the slowdown in europe overshadowed a flurry of mergers in the u.s. germany's economy shrank in the final three months of last year. the slowdown in europe's largest economy deepened the recession across the region and heinz is selling itself for $23
7:45 am
billion to an investment group that includes warren buffett. taking a live look at the big board, you can see the dow is currently turned around. it's up slightly, up 1 right now but still below 14,000. the labor department's newest weekly jobless report indicates hiring could be hiring. 341,000 filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week. that's down 27,000 from the week before. the economists had expected the number to slip slightly. instead, it hit the lowest level in three weeks. american airlines and u.s. airways are merging. the announcement came early this morning. the boards have approved the deal but it still needs federal regulators' approval. industry experts say there should only be a few conditions such as divesting hubs in north carolina and dallas. unions are already backing the merger. the new airlines will keep the american name and will rank as the world's biggest airlines, it will be several months if
7:46 am
not years before passengers see any significant impact. 7:43. the carnival triumph's journey back to land has been delayed because of weather. but the families are already gathering in mobile, alabama to welcome their loved ones back on land. rene marsh is joining us live from mobile to talk about when the cruise ship is expected to dock now. rene? >> reporter: well, you know the folks on board that ship, they definitely need this, the bad weather, that's essentially delayed their arrival for a few hours here. when they come in, they will be coming into the terminal that you see behind me. last night one official says the weather got so bad at one point, the ship was swaying back and forth with the waves. just another bad night for these passengers. the triumph cruise ship is inching ever closer to land. families are gathered in mobile, alabama to welcome loved ones home from a dream vacation that became a
7:47 am
nightmare. >> it was supposed to be like a bachelorette party kind of deal. i don't think it turned out that well. >> reporter: the trouble on carnival trium of started on sunday when the fire broke out in the engine room that caused the electrical system to go out. that meant no engine power and no air conditioning. right now aboard the ship more than 3,000 passengers, a thousand crew members and a handful of working restaurants. >> we're paralyzed. we cannot do anything. we can't go out and rescue. >> reporter: some passengers on board reported raw sewage, foul smells and long lines for little food. carnival's president and ceo offered an apology. >> our promise to our guests is to provide a great vacation experience. we try very hard to do that all of the time. in this particular case, we did not deliver on that promise. >> reporter: the company is offering a full refund and other concessions. but some say that's not good enough. >> what's the emotional cost? you can't put money on that. >> reporter: three tugboats are
7:48 am
pulling the massive ship through the gulf of mexico. you know, when families are hearing that there's a delay, it's kind of just like another punch in the gut because they are just here on land waiting anxiously for their family members. the latest estimate the ship will arrive at 8:00 eastern time this evening. back to you. >> all right. rene marsh, live from mobile, alabama. thank you. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta will come back here to california and will have a full security detail. today is his last day in office. he will be back to his ranch in monterey sometime this week and will have a full delay of -- detail of security agents assign to him for the another seeable future -- foreseeable future. it could be several months before a federal appeals court announces its decision in the barry bonds' case.
7:49 am
>> the united states of america verses barry lamarr bonds. >> good morning. >> the case went before a federal appeals court in san francisco yesterday. defense lawyers asked a three- judge panel to throw out bonds' felony conviction for obstruction of justice. that conviction is tied to his testimony during a grand jury hearing into the balco steroids scandal almost ten years ago. 7:47. forensic examiner, have not yet identified the remains found in a burned out cabin in big bear. but police say all of the evidence points to accused killer and former l.a. police killer, christopher dorner. bob decastro is live in big bear. two of the last people to see dorner alive are opening up about their encounter. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yeah, those -- that couple was first believed that this couple were maid that had stumbled upon and gone into to clean an empty and vacant cabin. it turns out the couple were the owners of the cabin.
7:50 am
they say that on tuesday, they had walked into the cabin to see that christopher dorner was inside and that christopher dorner tied them up. they said that christopher dorner by all accounts was actually very nice to them h and said he wasn't going to harm -- to them and said he wasn't going to harm them. and 15 minutes later, he tied them up and the woman was able to break free and she called 911. the sheriff's department is facing tough questions, not just about the standoff but the manhunt. why was he able to elude police for about nine days and that cabin, by the way, is just 350 yards away from the police command post even though police had gone door to door. 200 police officers looking for christopher dorner and yet he was there right under their noses. the sheriff's department quickly ended the questioning there, that a thorough search was done and that they look at vacant cabins. but if there were new signs of
7:51 am
any forced entry, they did not bother to go inside. also questions about the standoff itself and whether or not the cabin was intentionally set on fire. the sheriff here in san bernardino said that they did not intentionally set on fire. he did admit that they used an incendiary tear gas and that could have actually set the fire but still no actual cause of that fire as of yet. as you said, the big question still remains this morning, what is the identity of the remains found in the burned rubble there and the coroner is still performing an autopsy. that could take days perhaps week to get a positive identity on those remains. that's the latest from san bernardino, tori and dave, back to you. >> thank you, bob. 7:49. funeral arrangements are being made for the second lawman dorner allegedly killed. 35-year-old jeremiah mckay died in the shootout in big bear on
7:52 am
tuesday afternoon. he joined the department in 1998. he leaves behind a wife, 7-year- old daughter, and 4-month-old son. he was so excited about the new born he posted a son na gram months -- sonogram months earlier. how one local group is using the golden gate bridge to spread their message right here in the bay area about domestic violence. new satellite images reveal some changes in the earth's ozone layer.
7:53 am
[ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
7:54 am
last night members of code pink. they were busy getting ready for today's very unusual protest demonstration "dancing across the golden gate brame" it's all to mark "one billion rising day" a day of ending domestic violence. they will start at 10:00 this morning.
7:55 am
them are also planning a flash mob right outside san francisco's city hall tonight. ktvu now knows the results of a first of its kind blood analysis testing san francisco firefighters for cancer. the firefighters tested had very high levels of cancer- causing chemicals. female firefighters in san francisco are ten times more likely to get breast cancer than other women. the studies also show all firefighters are at a high risk of cancers. other cancers including kidney, nose and mouth cancer. new satellite images show the hole in the ozone layer may be shrinking. the hole over antarctica is the smallest it's been in years. it could take decades for the hole to completely close. a massive asteroid will not be visible in california when it passes by earth tomorrow morning but you will be able to
7:56 am
watch the historic site online. nasa will stream the approach starting at 9:00 a.m. at pacific time. the fly-by is expected to be the closest an asteroid has ever come to earth. it will be -- it will be about 17,000 miles from earth. the closest will be in indonesia. astronomers say it's about the size of a white house. >> that's a big boy. >> yeah, it is pretty big. 7:54. steve and i have been on fog patrol. we went on the air at 4:30 we've been watching it for hours now. steve will talk about the fog. but visibility is improving for drivers. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, that even looks a little bit better. the fog was pretty low at one point. it's backed under for about a 25 to 30-minute delay.
7:57 am
that's your live drive time there. once you get on the bridge, another 12 to 15 minutes on the span. also, contra costa county is beginning to get slower. traffic time is way down from pleasant hill to walnut creek in danville and alamo. let's go to steve. we still have areas of fog. other locations are already clear. if you are in the clear skies. that's a good thing, the fog can be tough on the visibility. it seems to be dancing around from the golden gate, san pablo bay. others really reduce visibility. after the fog burns off, we can't find a high cloud. it's good to go. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. some of these temperatures kind to be stuck. a lot of warm air aloft, pretty breezy to windy. not at the surface. so that dense fog gives way to sunshine. thick fog, sunny and warmer. upper 60s to near 70s. take a look at the extended outlook to see if that
7:58 am
continues coming up. >> thank you, steve. an oakland family is in mourning after losing four young members in one tragic crash. >> very hard for all four of them at once. the hardest swing to swallow. >> we'll have an update on the condition of the soul survivor. the search intensifies for the person suspected of killing a teenager in san leandro. we have a live report coming up. we'll tell you about a school closure because of it. >> reporter: yes, it's valentine's day today. we're at the san francisco flower mart for you this morning. we'll tell you how busy of a day they are expecting and how much people are actually gonna spend on their pets today. that's when "mornings on 2" comes back. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
7:59 am
♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways.
8:00 am
that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. a homicide investigation, it has shut down a san leandro school. a deadly shooting that happened last night on the campus of hillside elementary. it appears to be tied to a dice game. ktvu's tara moriarty has been on this since 4:30. the search in this case is intensifying at this hour. tara? >> reporter: yeah, sheriff deputies brought in the k-9
8:01 am
unit a short time ago. they are actually in the back of the school. there is a grassy area there. that's where the body was found. hillside elementary school will be closed today as investigators need to comb through the entire campus. if we take a live shot from chopper 2, they are looking for any clue that might lead them to the killer. we have noticed a bunch of deputies lining up getting ready for an article search. they will be scouring the grounds for any trace of a weapon things that might have fallen off the suspect or suspects. gunfire erupted around 9:00 last night. friends of travion foster say he was playing a dice game for money at school when someone shot him in the back. friends say he's 19. officials say he's 18. we do know he lives in the neighborhood. he was transported to the hospital last night but later died. witnesses say several people were seen running away from the scene. alameda county sheriff deputies searched the team by helicopter but did not find any suspects.
8:02 am
foster's friends are grieving. >> shooting somebody in the back without -- i'm surprised this could happen. he never did nothing to nobody. he was friends with everybody. it was -- he was a likable person. for this to happen is not even imaginable. >> reporter: here's youtube video, highlights from foster's senior year in oakland. he went to san lorenzo high with friends before he transferred. he was attending laney college where he played football. we understand a school official will be speaking to us about the school closure. we're told most likely, the school will reopen tomorrow. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the bodies of four oakland
8:03 am
teenagers killed on monday in southern california will be brought home today by family members. ♪. music was played at a tribute to victims. they were all killed on monday in a car crash in the tehachapi mountains. friends suspect the driver george may have fallen asleep. a 17-year-old cousin named hunter is the only surviver. >> happy to have him back. i don't care about what condition you are in. still alive. i wish all of them was here. >> family members say hunter was airlifted to the bay area last night. he suffered a cracked bone in his back. new revelations this morning about the health of pope benedict xvi. the vatican says the pope hit his head during a trip to mexico last march. however, the vatican denies
8:04 am
that that accident had any relevant role in his decision to resign. yesterday, the pope took part in ash wednesday services. it was his first public appearances since the resignation announcement. on tuesday, the pope disclosed that he had a pacemaker and that the batteries had been replaced. 8:02. happening now, president obama is heading to georgia to rally support for his early childhood education proposal that he unveiled in his state of the union address. this is new video of president obama boarding air force one just about one hour ago. today, the president will focus on his plans to make preschool available to more american children in programs such as headstart. after he return -- after he returns to the white house, he will take part in a fireside hangout with google plus to talk about his state of the union address. people around the country can submit question the via youtube. the president did the same thing after his state of the union address last year.
8:05 am
the fireside hangout is a modern take on franklin d. roosevelt's radio fireside. the golden state warriors are redoing their proposal for an arena on the waterfront. the first version has part of the arena sticking out on the edge of piers 30 and 32. that doesn't leave enough room along the side for a cruise ship to dock. that's important because the team wants to include a backup cruise ship berth as a way to get project backing by state regulators. all right, tc. let's go to sal. there's another crash in san leandro. where is this? >> that's right. northbound 880 near marina boulevard. there's a crash there. it's already a very slow area. you see that yellow indicator below the 880 sign. we have slow traffic heading up from 238 in oakland. after that, we have more slow traffic after high street. the oakland drive is going to be slow. 580 mighten a good alternate.
8:06 am
it's not quite as slow. we are getting slow traffic there on the way to the lakeshore area. i want to show you the bay bridge. fog remains somewhat dense here at the toll plaza and on the span, but the traffic is about normal, about a 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. if you are driving in san jose. nice and sunny there. downtown sunny there looks good. 8:04. let's go to steve. >> you are welcome. a lot of follow around. it's super sunny already for some people. had reports of super sunny in vallejo. some of the fog moving around a little bit. it will start to burn off. there's already pockets of that clearing. it's been about 1,000 miles before we could find a high clouds. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. i don't think we'll see too much change tonight and tomorrow. very warm air aloft. a couple of days ago, it was more of a low cloud deck. now it's fog. it will burn off center --
8:07 am
sooner and be sunny. maybe a little slower for some close to the coast. there are signs, cold, cold air and maybe some rain moving in. more likely wednesday and then maybe next weekend. it will be warmer. today and tomorrow, especially if you don't have any of that fog. temperatures today. 60s for some. we've lost the offshore component for most. there's a little bit of it. it's just mainly high pressure and inland temperatures warming up. almost a summertime pattern there. you can see the mountain of high pressure taking everything way up and over. there are signs maybe next week a system will dig in here to usher in colder air. it's still early too be warm. nothing we haven't seen before. but above average temperatures, average about 59 to 64. it will be warmer than that. novato, kentfield, 67. richmond, 62. napa, 67. up to yountville. same for concord, pleasant hill, pleasanton, 68.
8:08 am
65 oakland, san leandro. martinez at 65. 70 gilroy. santa cruz is one of the few on the coast actually warming up. santa clara along -- 60 along with saratoga. not much change for friday. your weekend looks good on friday. a little saler on sunday. we'll continue the theme into monday. flower shops are getting ready for a busy day. claudine wong is live after the the san francisco flower mart. it -- is live at the san francisco flower mart. it busy. i know they expect a big crowd. >> reporter: they do. they had the florists come in for those coming in to get some flowers. we did find someone, a regular customer, out too buy something pretty for his girlfriend today. chandler holmes is here and i stopped you because these are
8:09 am
gorgeous. >> but can you show how long those are. those are four foot roses. around there. >> i have a tall vase at home. your girlfriend knows, she's getting flowers. >> maybe thinks they are normal roses -- >> big plans today? >> we're gonna go to dinner. not too much. >> reporter: i was giving him some grief about this 6 million proposals. but you said you are young. >> too young for a proposal. >> reporter: okay. thank you for stopping and chatting with us. those are gorgeous. it's been a very busy morning. we talked about how busy this time of year is for these florists. they say in one day, it's like two weeks of business. they will open to the public at about 10:00 and that's when they say the folks will run in. by 1:00, most empty out and people go to your more
8:10 am
traditional somehow flower shops. there's one i want to share for you because it surprised me. this is a big day for pets. people love their pets $367 million people will spend on their pets for valentine's day, tori and dave, which seems like a lot. this is my last question for you. >> last one. >> reporter: how many people -- how many people say they are not gonna celebrate this holiday at all? >> how many people? i'm gonna say the same as a proposal, 6 million. >> reporter: well, we have a different answer. one in four. one in four say they are done with it. next week. >> there you go. >> reporter: just because and just because flowers are special, too. >> and they will be a lot cheaper. >> reporter: yes. candy, more popular than flowers and we'll head over to a place that's expecting long lines today and we'll check in with you on "mornings on 2". >> thank you, claudine. >> reporter: live at the flower
8:11 am
mart in san francisco. and 8:08. well, the song says birds do it, bees do it and tomorrow, the oakland zoo is letting you know about camels and elephants and other animals. the tour will take place at 9:00 a.m. today and tomorrow and there is an even tour tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. this adults-only event will highlight how mates mate and recruit. it includes refreshments. you need to sign up at the zoo's website to reserve your spot. and there's a new baby tiger cub. she snuggled in closely with her mother named lee ann. kind of hard to see in the picture. this baby will not get a name until veterinarians determine if it's a boy or a girl. that could take a few weeks. the cub was born last sunday and the zoo is getting the mother and cub to get to know each other.
8:12 am
>> mom won't let anyone get too close. >> no. today, the nra will respond to the president's state of the union address. why there are no lights on some concord city streets. it looks pretty dark there.
8:13 am
8:14 am
all right. 8:12. later on today, the nra will fire back at president obama's state of the union address.
8:15 am
ktvu's kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. the nra is really against the president's proposals, kyla. >> reporter: the nra will reiterate its stance today, saying there should not be a ban on assault weapons or high capacity magazines. nra's leaders say the president is just trying to play on people's emotions. >> they deserve a vote. gabrielle giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> reporter: the nra's vice president and ceo wayne la pierre will directly respond to president obama's state of the union address later today. in the wake of the shooting, the nra is calling for increased on schools nationwide -- for increased security on schools nationwide, not a ban on guns. the nra just released an ad saying the president's own
8:16 am
administration released statistics proving the president wrong. >> this internal justice department memo says "an assault weapons ban is up likely to have an impact on gun violence." >> reporter: a top justice official says rifles are used in 2% of crimes. and if they are banned, other weapons would be used. this is all happening while jackie speier joins a group of mothers who have a petition of 150,000 signatures and they are asking the for this. in humboldt county, sheriff deputies made quite a discovery this week. they recovered more than a hundred weapons hidden inside of a cave on a man's property. they also found more than 100 pounds of marijuana, body armor and stolen jewelry. investigators say they searched the land because the owner was arrested earlier this month on
8:17 am
a probation violation. they say the weapons and drugs were probably destined for the black market. on this valentine's day, gay rights activists will stage their annual protest at san francisco's city hall. same-sex couples will go to the clerk's office and ask for marriage licenses knowing they will be refused. this is video from last year's protest. supporters of the same-sex -- of same-sex marriage say this year's event takes on added significance. next month, the supreme court will hear arguments to proposition 8, the voter approved ban on same-sex mirage. if you are looking to meet someone this valentine's day, how about a pillow fight. thousands are expected to take part in a valentine's day pillow fight at justin herman plaza. the annual event is scheduled to get underway at 5:30 p.m. attendees are being asked to bring trash bags to help clean up after the fight. city leaders have just declared a fiscal emergency.
8:18 am
the crack:times reports that clear -- the contra costa times reports that clears the time for them to seek a simple majority tax this summer. hercules is facing a deficit for the upcoming year. the city planners say the user tax would help raise an extra $1 million a year. but some are worried voters would reject any tangs increase since they passed one last year. girl scout cookie season is here. sometimes it's hard to track the cookies down. to solve that, there's an app called the cookie finder. it will allow you to find out where and when the cookies are being sold nearby. the city says the pathway on the port chicago highway near the north chicago b.a.r.t.
8:19 am
station has been pitch black since the lights were stolen in july. officials say they plan to install temporary solar lights near the b.a.r.t. station until permanent lights can be installed. a ktvu investigation found sensors on many bay area freeways are broken. coming up at 8:24. the millions of dollars in tax payer money spent to fix the problem and how it could affect your commute. sad news this morning for radio listeners in sonoma county. long-time radio broadcaster jim grady has died. jim grady anchored the morning show at ksro for decades, first appearing on the air in 1960. in recent years, he could be heard on kzst but he took a leave of absence in october. he suffered from cancer of the esophagus as well as pull lon narery disease before he died -- pulmonary disease before he
8:20 am
died. he was 77. we're waiting to find out how a 41-year-old man died after a struggle with police in berkeley. police say it all happened when police responded to a report of disturbance on austin way on tuesday. police say they were trying to take the man into custody for a psychiatric violation when he lost can be nbc. the coroner -- consciousness. the coroner is still determining the cause of death. investigators think that rags soaked with wood stain caused this healdsburg warehouse to catch fire. the damage is estimated at more than $500,000. it took firefighters some time to finally put it out. 8:18. hayward police are investigating a fatal accident involving a pedestrian and a car last night. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk while walking across industrial boulevard near bamburg after around 7:00 last night. the car -- avenue around 7:00
8:21 am
last night. the car driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating. police do not believe alcohol or drugs are a factor in the incident. the president of the u.s. chamber of commerce is urging congress to raise the gas tax box to help pay for road improvements across the country. in his state of the union address, president obama proposed $50 billion in new spending on infrastructure projects. but few lawmakers support the idea of increasing the gas tax. 8:19. well, today, alameda county supervisors will consider the controversial idea of having drones flying over the county. sheriff gregory ahern will testify before the board during a hearing this afternoon. the sheriff wants to use these unmanned aircraft for major law enforcement operations like bomb threats, hostage standoffs and also search and rescue
8:22 am
operations. but there are critics who are already fighting the sheriff's plan citing privacy concerns. it's coming up on 8:20. b.a.r.t. is making a proposal this valentine's day. but it's one you might not like. the plan b.a.r.t. is considering that morning that could affect your pocketbook. how about some weather for lovers? live picture outside our window. the most romantic day of the year. steve paulson would love to come back with a heartwarming forecast. good morning. san francisco, nice-looking drive here on northbound 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
there are new developments in an investigation we first reported last summer. caltrans confirms it's spending $21 million to fix faulty tracking sensors that are supposed to provide realtime data to freeway message boards. that's on top of the $60 to $80 million it spent installing them. caltrans says sensors under 580, 680 and 101 are damaged. that means the times you see on those electronic message boards are not reliable. >> this is something we take seriously. want to have as many of them up and running as possible. >> caltrans says copper theft,
8:26 am
vandalism and wear and tear contributed to the problems. if you have a special report for us, e-mail it to us send your report to bair's board of directors -- b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will talk will a fare hike, raising fares 5.2% next year. it would also raise them every two years through 2020. the amount would be tied to inflation. now the idea includes a hike in parking rates, the board will take a board on that idea at a later meeting. let's bring sal back. you are not smiling as you check out the south bay. >> no, we have a little bit of slow traffic. kind of appeared later on. the only good news, the south bay, the visibility has been pretty good. we haven't had a lot of fog there. let's start with 280 northbound. we have slowing from at least bascom avenue. you know, the south bay isn't the only spot where we have
8:27 am
slow traffic. we have slow traffic at the bay bridge for example, we have slow traffic in the east bay. some fog at the toll plaza, 20- minute delay at the toll plaza before you make it on the bridge. check this out -- the nimitz freeway, look at the road sensors which are working. we do know the stretch does work. it's very, very slow passing the 92 -- highway 92 all the way up into downtown oakland. this is because of earlier problems. 8:25. let's go to steve. some of that fog as you just saw but for some areas, it's nice. fog seems to be retreating a little bit. back over parts of the coast. it will burn off sooner today. i think in the next half-hour or so. it will start to retreat. there's some. there's more on the coast. we had really thick fog. other than that, you can't find a cloud for a thousand miles. 40s on the temperatures. pretty good breeze some of the higher elevations. i've seen about 25 to 50. that's not the case otherwise
8:28 am
we couldn't have fog. we have dense fog, mainly hugging the coast right now. there are pockets where it's clear and everything continues to ride up and over the ridge of high pressure today and tomorrow. i had a question, what's the best beach day? today or tomorrow? saturday will be okay. sunday will be cooler. if you swing it saturday, go then. tomorrow will be warmer as everything goes up. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up in about ten minutes. all of those cruiseship passengers stuck out at sea for days. they had another setback this morning. we'll take you live to alabama next. we'll find out what is delaying the cruise ship's arrival. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where police are searching this morning for whoever stabbed a high school football player to death. we'll tell you what officers are saying and we'll also tell you what changes are being made on the high school campus today. >> reporter: we're live in santa clara where the santa cau tear claw county -- where the
8:29 am
santa clara county bomb squad just arrived at the home of a state senator. we'll bring you the latest on the investigation and what's expected today as "mornings on 2" continues. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:31 am
>> reporter: travion foster was
8:32 am
a junior here. last night, his teammates gathered and held a vigil. they lit candles and prayed. he had a 2-year-old son. we're told that he had bang ties and he was trying to -- gang ties and he was trying to break them and trying to turn his life around and get involved in sports. he was found on the ground by police on north 21st street off julian shortly after school let out. he had been stabbed and died at scene. police say some sort of bike broke out at 3:15 outside of the school and it may have gang- related. students looked up to him. >> it's kind of weird not seeing him. we have to be careful. you never know what can happen. >> reporter: as students walk to school this morning, there was a heightened security here. there have been extra school police officers that are patrolling the campus because of the stabbing.
8:33 am
grief counselors are also here just in case students need to support. at this point, police do not have anything in custody. they trying to piece together evidence and go over all of the interviews that they gathered. we're told there were at least a dozen witnesses to this apparent fight and stabbing that happened. so again, they are still trying to identify suspects and trying to track down those who are responsible. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. earlier this morning, the power was restored to residents on treasure island. the power went out about 2:30 this morning affected the entire island there. look at those pictures. the san francisco public utilities commission still investigating the cause. it did not affect yerba buena island or the bridge lights. a san francisco man is facing charges after police say he tried to sell stolen copper wire. the "examiner" reports that an employee at a recycling center
8:34 am
called the police on tuesday morning. a man showed up with a manhole cover with the city's stamp on it. police arrested robert chapel at another recycling center that day. they had been warned he might show up. during a search of his van, police say they found 600 pounds of stolen copper wire and the tools used by metal thieves. investigators in santa clara county are searching for a man and a woman accused of trying to lure an 11-year-old boy into their car. police say it happened yesterday morning right in front of the boy's home on rucker avenue in unincorporated gilroy. authorities say the boy was taking out the trash when someone in a parked car called him over. the boy got scared and ran back into his home. police describe the man as hispanic, in his 30s, with an average build and wearing a baseball cap. the woman is-in her 20s with long dark hair and in dark clothing. the couple's car is described as a tan, compact car similar
8:35 am
to a mini cooper. it's another challenging day ahead for a south bay bomb squad. last night crews blew up a mysterious compound in a home. brian flores is there to tell us about the threat against an elected leader. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. well, the santa clara county sheriff's bomb squad just arrived here about five minutes ago. members of the bomb squad. members are essentially prepping to go back inside the home of everette basham. he's the man accused of threatening state senator leland yee. officials will be here for the rest of the day and maybe the next few days until they feel that any traces of chemicals found in the home yesterday are handled safely and it doesn't pose any more threat to the neighbors around here. they spent yesterday scouring his home for any explosive- related materials. they came across a mysterious substance and this was destroyed on the front lawn.
8:36 am
authorities are not taking any chances. basham was arrested tuesday at a family member's home in sunnyvale after authorities were tipped of a credible threat he posed to state senator yee. some say it's because of his stance on assault weapons. officials will be taking it slow inside the home. they say the major problem is the amount of items inside the house and it's making it difficult to remove chemicals or threats that may be inside there. we just got through speaking with a chp spokesperson who said the bomb squad found one explosive device in the house. >> it will be for the detonation of the devices that they found yesterday. we're still trying to make it through with the search. so yesterday, that's exactly what happened. we were going through cataloguing the evidence, came across some items, called over a boom guy, the bomb officer said, time to vacate the house. >> reporter: now, we're learning more about basham. according to the chronicle, he
8:37 am
used to work for several companies, many of them tech- related but he also worked for apple as an engineer and even worked with co-founder steve wasniak and he has five patents to his name, many for radio- frequency devices that he special ices in. we're back out here -- specializes in. we're back out here live. the bomb squad is preparing to going in. they wouldn't ses fi what type of items -- specify what type of items are in the home. they are going to take it slowly because they want to make sure that no items go off. we're trying to get in touch with yee's office. there will be a press conference at about 10:15 he will talk about the case. he says right now they will figure out what's going on today and talk about that later on this morning as well. we're live here in santa clara, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. 8:35. another setback for passengers on board a disabled a carnival
8:38 am
cruise ship. bad weather has pushed back the arrival time to land. rene marsh joins us live from mobile, alabama to talk about when passengers are expected to arrive. rene? >> reporter: that's right. good morning,er to rich. it's good news -- toshry. it's good news that eventual -- tori. it's good news that the passengers will finally get their feet on land. however, i have to el it you, emotions -- tell you, emotions are running high. you have a lot of family members coming and going. they thought their family members were gonna be here sooner than they they -- than they are. bad weather overnight is tacking a few extra hours onto the triumph cruise ship's painstakingly close journey back to land. families are fared in mobile, alabama to welcome lorned ones home from a dream vacation that became a nightmare. >> it was supposed to be a bachelorette party kind of deal. i don't think it turned out
8:39 am
that well. the trouble on carnival's triumph started on sunday when the fire broke out that caused the ship's electrical system to go out. that meant no engine power and no air conditioning. right now, aboard the ship, more than 3,000 passengers, a thousand crew members and a half-dozen working restrooms. >> i'm worried about my child, not knowing, not knowing what's going on. it's been awful. >> reporter: some passengers on board reported raw sewage, foul smells. some relief arrived on wednesday when the coast guard delivered supplies that included a generator to restore power. >> obviously in this particular case, we did not deliver the promise of a great vacation. >> reporter: the company is offering a full refund and
8:40 am
other concessions. some say that's not good enough. >> what's the emotional cost? you can't put money on that. >> reporter: tugboats are fulling the massive -- are pulling the massive ships through the gulf of mexico. the big question, when is this ship gonna pull in the terminal that you see behind me? the true answer is we really don't know. we only have an estimate. right now, the latest estimate is that it could come in around 11:00 local time tonight. but fen again, that just keeps on changing because because of the conditions out there is tacking on hour after hour onto their arrival time. in the meantime, the families wait and wait and continue to wait. back to you, tori. >> all right. rene marsh joining us live from mobile, alabama. thank you. in the past hour, a federal judge accepted a guilty plea regarding the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. he approved the agreement between the justice department
8:41 am
and transocean which owns the drilling rig. transocean will plead guilty to a misdemeanor to violating the clean water act and pay $4 million in criminal penalties for the 2010 oil spill. transocean agreed to pay $1 billion in civil penalties. back here at home in san francisco, a plan for a fleet of electric taxis and four battery-swapping stations, it's in limbo. san francisco's municipal transit agency and the silicon valley startup called better place received a federal grant to start the electric taxi network. well, now, better place is scaling down its california business plan. they are gonna focus on israel and denmark. an mtc spokesperson said the grant was to help determine if this idea was feasible. eight parent -- apparently, it's not. >> i guess not. 880 is a mess. where is this, sal? >> it's because of earlier
8:42 am
problems. you see this every day, it slows down right around here. the trouble is, it doesn't slow down here, it slows down in hayward driving in here all the way up to oakland. give yourself plenty of time. 580, a mess. that's slow, too. the bay bridge, still some dense fog there. the traffic is backed up for a 25-minute delay as you drive through. we talked about the hayward commute, 880. i want to emphasize it again, if you are trying to get to the san mateo bridge, that traffic is a little bit busy as you drive across to the peninsula. at 8:40, let's go to steve. sal, thank you, as the fog brother for helping out. there it is. get out of the way so you can see it. some areas clear. not a problem. other areas it's been really foggy. kind of working its way around.
8:43 am
i've had a couple of reports of crockett and vallejo, clear, clear, clear. yesterday there was patchy fog. not the case. after that, it will be sunny. another dry week. we've had too many in a row. too many. next week, though, maybe forecast model brings a very co sysm ons next tuesday and wednesday. the pattern looks to be changing. this week, quiet, dry around warmer especially day and tomorrow. upper 60s to near 70. normal is 59 to about 65 on i the high temperatures. 30s and 40s. a little brisk out there. it's definitely cooler but once we get going. we'll warm up. some of that fog has gone from up here to down there. high pressure is building in. it really smashes it down on the deck. in is the ridge of high pressure. it will be clear today, tomorrow and then it will start to back off a little bit as we head towards the weekend. it will be all right on the weekend. by sunday, much cooler. areas of fog, nights and mornings. we started a little bit yesterday. it will be more so today.
8:44 am
we can't find any clouds after that except for the fog. clear, sunny. enjoy it while you can. dense fog for some. starting to burn off. hazy skies. it will be warmer. a little bit of a minor league summer league pattern. 60s by the coast, upper 60s inland. 68 walnut creek, danville, pleasanton, dublin. 68 saratoga, santa cruz, you want to head to the beach if you can swing it, head to capty toe -- capitola santa cruz. a big cooling trend on tap for next week. an olympic track star, charged with murder now in the death of his supermodel girlfriend. what miss's girlfriend posted on the internet just before valentine's day. >> reporter: we're live in san leandro. shot and killed over a dice game? that's what friends are saying.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:45, new this morningage olympic athlete and hero -- morning, an olympic athlete and hee roar under arrest. pam cook joins us with more. pam? >> there are still so many questions this morning as the
8:48 am
investigation of olympic athlete miss gets underway. now -- oscar pistorius gets underway. he was arrested at his home and charged with murder after police found the body of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. investigators say she was shot four times inside the home. there have been previously incidents of a domestic nature in the bast. now, oscar pistorius became world famous as the first double amputee to run in the olympics. his perfect was well known in her own right. >> she was a great, fun, presence of a person. worked with her shooting magazine features. >> reporter: reeva steenkamp had a law degree, a modeling career and was about to em bark on a television career -- embark on a television career. she just tweeted that she was excited about valentine's day and was wondering what surprise oscar pistorius had for her. police say they were the only
8:49 am
ones at the home. investigators are talking to people in the neighborhood. there are reports that neighbors heard yelling last night. a spokesperson for miss oscar pistorius says they are assisting. job les claims fell in nevada -- job also claims fell in nevada compared to a year ago. the dow is down currently down 21. the nasdaq is down 3. s&p is down 1. one of the reasons for the red, walt is seeing an eye on overseas -- wall street is keeping an eye on germany. fullies say the eurozone dipped deeper -- officials say the eurozone dipped deeper. economic outlook fell to 6%, the steepest drop since 2009. fidelity investment says
8:50 am
employee 401(k) accounts are growing fast thanks to the surging stock market. an increased -- and increased contributions by their workers and employers. the average balance grew nearly 12% to just over $77,000 at the end of last year. that's up more than $8,000 from the end of 2011. at the worst point of the financial crisis in early 2009, the average account balance for a 401(k) was just $46,000. 8:48. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. they were reportedly taken hostage by christopher dorner. >> he jumped out and hollered stay calm, karen started to scream. >> he caught her on the staircase. >> that's jim an karen ren noms they say dorner broke into her condo in big bear, held them at gunpoint, tied them up with extension cords and stole their
8:51 am
car. forensic scientists are still trying to identify the human remains found in that burning cabin but police think it's christopher dorner. bad weather still delaying the arrival of the carnival triumph cruise ship. it's being towed as we speak to mobile, alabama now expected to arrive in port at 11 p.m. eastern time. more than 3,000 passengers are on board are few working toilets and reports of little food. we'll see the latest on what's happening with the cruise ship coming up at 11:00 eastern time. a homicide investigation here has shut down a san leandro school. the deadly shooting happened on the hillside elementary campus. ktvu's tara moriarty has been on this story since 4:30 and you are back with the newest update. >> reporter: yeah, sheriff deputies called in the alameda county fire department a while ago. if you look behind me, you can see one of the trucks parked in
8:52 am
the driveway. the ladder struck just pulled away. they brought in ladders to use them to access the rooftop. one section we understand is two and a half stories high. they were looking for a gun. now, we saw quite a few deputies in the grassy area in the back of the school where the body was found. a k-9 unit was brought in to try to track weapons, tracks or anything the killer may have dropped. hillside elementary school will be closed as investigators need to comb through the campus. friends of foster say he was playing a game of dice for money around 9:00 last night when someone shot him in the back. friends say he's 19. officials say he's 18. he lives in the neighborhood and was transported to the hospital but later died. witnesses say several people were seen running away from the scene. alameda county sheriff deputies searched the area by helicopter but did not find nep suspects -- find any suspects. foster's friends are grieving. >> like my brother, i love him.
8:53 am
friends are saying he was shot during a dice game over like $2. wow. >> shooting somebody, period, especially in the back very cowardly. >> reporter: this is some youtube video, highlights from his steinier year -- senior year. he was attending -- he's currently attending laney college where he played football. >> i know his brother played for cal and inexpected tray to be a great football player. >> reporter: friends say foster have a younger brother and sister who will miss him greatly. when i asked them if they have any words for the people or person who did this, they said no, they are simply devastated. if you have a child who attends hillside elementary school,
8:54 am
classes have been canceled for the day but will resume tomorrow most likely. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, there's still time to shop for valentine's day if you have not already already. we will go to san francisco to learn how stores are bracing for big crowds. >> reporter: if you are driving on 880 northbound, it will be slow. we'll tell you why that's very slow and what's going on with the rest of the commute. hit a landmine
8:55 am
8:56 am
when i came here, i couldn't move. [male announce david was broadsided on the highway. they weren't very hopeful that he would survive at all. [male announce their traumatic brain injuries have yet to heal. the way i describe it is you're just afraid. am i going to start forgetting things? [male announce tbi is as serious as any battlefield injury. thankfully va has made important advancements in tbi so if you think you or a veteran you know has sustained a brain injury, get screened.
8:57 am
8:54. happening now, valentine's day is here. bay area businesses are bracing for a rush of last-minute shoppers. ktvu's claudine wong is in san francisco to show us some sweet treats at one well-known candy shop. i'm sure you've had to take a couple of samples, claudine. >> reporter: i'm thinking about it. we talked about how much people spend on flowers. we're at see's candies. 1.6billion. that's how much people will spend on candy today. you look at those heartshaped boxes. 36million heartshaped boxes will be sold. the line is growing. you can bet this is not a typical scene out here. emily was first in line. you are waiting for something for yourself. yes. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: nothing says love like -- >> chocolate. these are for my coworkers because they are always helping me out and i have one box that's just for me. >> reporter: because you
8:58 am
deserve it, right? >> yes. >> reporter: of course. [laughter] >> reporter: happy valentine's day. a very busy day today. see's candy is actually expecting a very busy day. go ahead and look. i don't want to get in your way. there you go. come on in. what are you looking for? >> chocolate for my kids. >> reporter: for my kids. a lot of people spending it on their kids. >> i think they like anything candy-related. >> reporter: good luck. we certainly don't want to get in anyone's way. we have one more trivia question, the most romantic place to share a box of candy. >> by a fireplace. >> that's a good one. >> reporter: tori? you got it right. you're the winner. >> ding, ding, ding! >> reporter: you win. you win this box of candy. we'll bring that back for you. >> good question, claudine. all right. thank you. 8:56. let's go to sal. can you help the folks on 880?
8:59 am
>> yeah. >> back to 880 northbound. very slow because of earlier problems. i would recommend 580 as an alternate. when you get to the toll plaza, you will see a lot of slow traffic. it's dense fog there. kind of a spot of fog. we haven't been able to get rid of westbound into san francisco. also this morning, speaking of san francisco, that was foggy but the fog has lifted there and the traffic does look okay. let's go to steve. some of that fog will start to lift and then sunny and nice for some. especially inland. we'll have 60 to near 70 today and tomorrow. cooler on sunday. changes are abrewing next week. . >> we're gonna call you the rainman. >> we need it. >> we are thinking ahead. maybe next weekend but that's chinese new year's parade. >> i know. that wouldn't be unprecedented, tori. >> no. that's happened before. >> it's happened a couple of times. >> all right, steve. that's our report for

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